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Zainab AbdulAziz



I am a half-American, half-Egyptian former teacher, TV producer, journalist, editor, and managing editor. Writing, storytelling, and managing teams is what I do best. Knowing audiences and clients respond to my work is the best reward!

I have written/edited copy since 2005 across a range of topics and mediums; including beauty, fashion, home decor, DIY tips, website blogs, press releases for events and product launches, scripts for TV spots, social media captions, and more.

What would I do if I wasn't running By Zainab AbdulAziz?

Definitely adopting more pets and running an animal shelter.



By Zainab AbdulAziz offers tailored content solutions for startups and small businesses who wish to brand and market their services in a cost effective but highly professional way.


We offer an alternative to traditional agencies by fostering a personal and collaborative relationship with our clients. We understand that a new business idea needs a large amount of personalized attention and focus on every detail to get the tone and messaging right from the beginning. As a team, we take pride in building your new business with you and watching it take off.


Our services include:

  • Arranging and working through your brand identity creation

  • Creating content for your website

  • Writing marketing materials

  • Creating and populating your social media 

  • Orchestrating photo/video collection sessions



Abstract Background

Zainab showed utmost commitment, professionalism as well as flexibility. She is truly a pleasure to work with. What I love most about her is that she is very structured, organized and clear in her communication skills. She's also very receptive to feedback.

Dina Aboughazala,

Founder of Egab

Abstract Background

Zainab is very professional, creative, diligent, passionate, and detail-oriented. She researched and was able to capture our vision, culture, and brand personality to create the website copy which definitely exceeded our expectations.

Ahmed Fouad,

Co-Founder of Dinare Ventures

Abstract Background

Working with Zainab is like co-creating with a good friend who is super professional, talented, creative and just gets it! Developing my website with her was such an immersive experience, I’m eager  for the next project we can work on together!

Mai El-Kinawi,

Founder of True North Consulting




Website Content

Professional websites need engaging and targeted content! Depending on the service or product you sell, each section and written word will be tailored to meet your objectives.



Websites often make use of a regularly updated blog to both educate their customers on the benefits of what they sell and promote their own products and services in an indirect and organic way. Each blog should be properly researched and effective in its intention.



Have a great idea for a business, but don't know where to start? Leave the heavy lifting to us! We offer a full 360 Brand Creation package which includes brand identity creation, a photo session, videography, simple website, and creating social media presence.


Product & Service Packaging

The text printed on your product labels and menus is crucial in terms of making a good impression and selling your professionalism. A badly written label or menu is often the kiss of death for a business. Let's make sure you look great in front of your clients and customers!


social media

Do you even exist if you aren't on social media? These days, a social media presence is absolutely necessary and you cannot thrive without it. Our social media service ranges from simply drafting captions in bulk to a full management service including scheduling and look & feel.



Browse a selection of articles written for one of Greater Cairo's leading magazines, Cairo West Publications

Browse a selection of social media captions written for clients depending on style and tone.

Browse a selection of website content & blogs written with and established voice and intended audience

Browse labels and descriptions written for clients based on their intended use, function and purpose.


We're always online and available to answer questions!

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